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Bookham Technology

Founded in 1988, Bookham Technology made history as the first company in the world to manufacture components that integrated optical processing functions on a silicon chip using high-volume production methods. It is now US-based and a publicly traded company listed on NASDAQ.Bookham designs, manufactures and markets optical components and subsystems that enable broadband communications, and is a leading provider of single and multi-mode Vertical Cavity Surface Emitting Lasers (VCSEL) chips, arrays and subassemblies for sensing and datacom applications.

Qudos made all the masks and reticules for Bookham’s optical devices, enabling the company to set up its own production process within its own facility, and Qudos offered advice on the correct processing tools to be purchased.

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Cambridge Display Technology


Cambridge Display Technology is the leading developer of technologies based on polymer light emitting diodes (PLEDs). PLEDs are part of the fast growing new generation of display technologies. It is likely that they will eventually replace liquid crystal displays (LCDs) and cathode ray tubes (CRTs) in many existing applications, as well as opening up many new product possibilities including flexible or even wearable displays. CDT is based in Cambridge, UK, with a state of the art Technology Development Centre a few miles away at Godmanchester.

Qudos developed CDT’s next generation of PLED devices and transferred the process into the Godmanchester site. CDT used the transfer process to scale up to 14 inch substrates for production and to gain an edge in the PLED market.

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Mesophotonics Ltd

Mesophotonics Ltd was launched as a University of Southampton spin-out company in 2001, to design and develop photonic crystal nano devices and take them to market.

Mesophotonics has used Surface Enhanced Raman Scattering (SERS) as a major analytical chemistry technique across a number of applications and industry sectors. Qudos produced many photonics nano scale prototype devices for Mesophotonics using its state-of-the-art ebeam processes. Qudos also worked to enhance the performance of Mesophotonics’ SERS (Raman Spectroscopy) devices, enabling the company to gain a niche in this market and ultimately sell this part of its business to a large UK metrology company, Renishaw.

VLSI Vision

VLSI Vision (VVL) was started in 1990 as a spin-off from the University of Edinburgh and operated as a Fab-less company based in Edinburgh. As Vision Group in 1992 the company pioneered CMOS imaging sensors.

VVL was established to create the world's first image processing system on a single chip. At he time the cost of digital camera chips was hughely expensive, they claimed that it would be possible to build a digital camera for a few dollars using a CCD chip. Now they are produced in their thousands by a variety of companies.

The first colour camera chips for VVL were developed and produced at Qudos.

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