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Qudos offers a wide range of services that meet the demanding specifications of the semiconductor, photonics and Micro Electro Mechanical Systems (MEMS) industries.

Inspection: Metrology and SEM

We have an internal Quality Assurance System to maintain the highest of production standards and customer service levels, ensuring the timely delivery of projects to the highest of specifications.

Inspection and Metrology

Here is a summary of the services we provide but they are not exhaustive so please enquire if you have a specific requirement.


Service: Line width measurement, semi-automatic Resolution: <0.5┬Ám

Tencor P15

Service: Profile measurement, semi-automatic Resolution: 10nm

Nanometrics 210

Service: resist thickness measurement by interferometry Resolution: 10nm

Leica S200

Service: Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM) Resolution: 100nm

Hitachi S4000

Service: SEM with field emission gun and metrology Resolution: <30nm


Service: E-beam metrology and SEM system Resolution: <50nm


Service: 3D Optical profiler Resolution: 10nm


Service: Scanning probe microscope Resolution: 10nm

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